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seven favorite things.

Welcome to my seven favorite things of the month! Why seven you ask? It is my favorite number, so it is only fitting that it is the number I use to organize my favorite things. We have made it through the month of January 2021. Barely, but we did it! After all that has happened within the last year I have realized that it is the small things that are going to make a difference. A good cup of coffee every morning, a nice glass of wine at the end of the night, or just a cute text from my person. So here it goes the first seven things that I truly enjoyed this month.

French Press Coffee.

This gorgeous glass vessel is what has been fueling me through this month. I am a coffee feen! I will drink anything from old bar coffee to putting freshly ground beans right into some hot water. I am not a morning person, which is probably why coffee has become such a good friend. I often used the drip coffee but while trying to become a morning person, or all least getting out of bed at a decent time, I have started to change small things to look forward to. Things like changing the way I make my coffee. When I wake up knowing this beauty is going to be waiting for me, it is a little easier to get out of my warm bed. Sometimes I am in such dire need for a cup of coffee I don’t taste the difference. However, when you actually sit down and take the minute to enjoy the first few sips, it is so much more fresh. It has taken me a while to get my french press the way I like but I swear give it some time. You will eventually find the sweet spot and it will change your morning coffee.

Morning Walks With Summit.

Let me just start by saying again, I am not a morning person. Nothing about getting up out of a warm bed earlier than my body wants sounds appeasing. This pooch however, gets me up every morning as if his body is run by an alarm clock plugged into a wall. He lets me know that I am not moving fast enough to take him out for a leak. After having him for 7 months now, holy crap I didn't realize it was that long, I have started to look forward to these walks. It's just such a peaceful time early in the morning. Some people are on their commute, and some people are still getting ready for their day. During the week we are usually the only ones on the sidewalks. This is my favorite, because I can let Summit’s leash a little longer so he can have a little freedom. Another perk is I can zone out with my podcast or music. It gets my blood flowing which really kick starts my day.

Box Wine.

Just give it a chance. Thats all I have to say. To me a glass of red wine is comfort, it helps me decompress after a long day. However, when buying three to four bottles of wine a week it can start to add up quick. So I finally caved to try out the Black Box. I will now say unless there is a fancy occasion I will probably always be drinking box wine. It just makes coming home and having a glass of wine easier knowing the wine will still taste good no matter how long it has been open. Trust me, I have not switched for good, but I am definitely okay with always having a box of wine on my bar at home.

Oway Shampoo and Conditioner

I have always struggled with staticky and dry hair in the winter but had a hard time spending money on hair products that I go through quickly. That was until my hair stylist turned me on to Oway. The best part about it all, the brand is Eco-friendly. After using this product for about a month I saw a huge difference in texture and moisture. Occasionally I still have static but I think its because I live in an old house that is very dry. I am a very plain Jane when it comes to hair styling. That is

one thing I have been trying to change. Not so much about styling all the time but just treating my hair and skin better. Creating routines that will keep my body healthier looking and feeling. I can go roughly four days without washing my hair until it really starts to feel and look greasy even after some dry shampoo. The best part is when I go to wash it after this, only two or three pumps and I am fresh and clean again.

Old Fashion.

During the summer of 2020 I was unemployed. I am a bartender so not being able to interact with people and serve people really got to me at times. So instead I started to expand my knowledge of mixology. I have always been interested in more of the craft cocktail angle of being a bartender. I work mostly with beer and basic cocktails, so exploring this new chapter of being a bartender was exciting. An old fashion was something I did not expect to like. Let alone start to enjoy a couple times a week. I think it is the spice within the bitters mixed with the bourbon that gives off a nice warmth to the end of the day. My personal favorite to mix in an old fashion right now is muddles orange twist, teaspoon of sugar and a dash of bitters. Then pouring two ounces of Elijah Craig bourbon over ice and stirring until slightly diluted but chilled. Garnishes often vary depending on what the day was like. Also a little add on to this favorite, I love a good ice cube. I use both the squares and the spheres. I just think they add the finishing touch when creating a cocktail.

Plum Paper Planner.

I am an organizing, control freak. I write lists, cross things off and I need to see the month at a glance. Plum Paper is my go to for organizational needs. Every year I look forward to when I get a new one for Christmas. I am not joking, I will spend hours reorganizing my year, writing in goals, to-do's, lists and much more. Life can be so hectic sometimes that having this has helped me realize what needs to be done when and what is more important. I will even admit sometimes I just make the lists to make myself feel guilty about not doing certain things (like posting blog posts on time...). Being able to cross things off of a physical list to me is so much more satisfying than deleting it from my notes app. Even if it is a slower time of year, I still find ways to fill up the pages with notes or lists of something.

Buffalo Bills.

I am still speechless about them Buffalo Bills! This season was so much fun to watch. I am 25 years old, so I have never known the Bills as a team to win, so to watch the Bills take on the season like they did was pure joy. One of my absolute favorite things about this season was the amount of family time I had while watching each game. My grandparents are snow birds, so they usually go down south for the winter. Due to Covid they suspended that date by a few months which means they were in NY for the first playoff game! We did a whole cookout as if we were in the Bills' stadium parking lot. This was the first playoff game I could watch with them in person. My family doesn’t mess round with Bills games. We have the radio on and the TV set up as close to the radio as possible. Even hearing the announcers react to the games was exciting. I still sometimes have to pinch myself over whether this past season actually happened.

This first month of 2020 was a lot. Between the first week and just still trying to wrap our heads around the last twelve months. Finding those small things that just make you smile can really help. They have helped me just enjoy getting up in the morning sometimes. Stay tuned for my seven favorites of February!

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